Единая мед. справочная служба:
122, +7 (495) 122-02-21 (для звонков из Московской области)
Телефон экстренной службы:112 Отделение платных услуг:
+7 (925) 594-09-65
Адрес и график работы

Children's city policlinic No. 38 of Department of health care of the city of Moscow (DGP No. 38 DZM)

Address on the map

All medical services in the Clinic are based on valid licenses for medical practice issued by the health Department of the city of Moscow.

Paid medical services according to the proposed list within the outpatient center of DGP No. 38 DZM on preliminary record at the addresses and telephones:

- 119048, Moscow, street 10-letiya Oktyabrya, 2, 1, +7 (925) 594-09-65 (closed for repairs);

- 119270, Moscow, street 3-ya Frunzenskaya, 6, +7 (925) 594-09-65;

- 121099, Moscow, Protochny pereulok, 3/5, 1, +7 (925) 594-09-65;

-115035, Moscow, B. Strochenovsky pereulok, 23A, +7 (925) 594-09-65.

Paid services in DGP No. 38 DZM are scheduled office services.

Attention! For registration of the contract for rendering paid services the LEGAL REPRESENTATIVE of the CHILD has to show the passport and the birth certificate of the child.

Payment for medical services is carried out through Bank branches according to the concluded agreement.

Price list